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The Genius Club is under the wings of the Social Science Department. It strives to create social, historical, political and economic awareness among the students.  It conducts its own activities by the students under the guidance of the Principal, the Secretary of the Club, the HoD of SS Department and the faculty members.

 Objectives of the Genius Club

1. To develop interest about the Social Sciences such as History, Geography, Sociology and Economics among the students.

2. To acquaint the students with writing skill.

3. To develop students scientific competence.

4. To train them to implement their knowledge of social science for interpreting  texts and writing compositions

5. To enable students to reach critically the texts belonging to different  genres and responses, verbally and in writing.

6. To develop higher skills of composition e.g. writing a book review, paper  preparation and paper presentation in seminars, reports on activities,  writing articles, poems for magazines, writing jokes, proverbs etc.

7. To develop personality of the students by understanding their problems and try to help and guide them under our limitations.

8. To cultivate broad human and cultural outlook expressed through Social  Science.

9. To give much more exposure to the students of reading, writing and  speaking.

Apart from the regular monthly activities, the Club is successfully conducting the following programme.

Genius of the Week activity

The Club is conducting an exciting activity called ‘Genius of the Week Quiz Programe’.  Every week, on the first working day, a challenging question will be given to the students of Grade 3 to 6.  They can write the answer with their due particulars on a piece of paper and drop it in the drop box specifically provided for this purpose.  The answers can be submitted till 1500 hrs of the same day. The name of the winner will be announced on the third working day of the same week.  A certificate will be presented to the winner.

The Genius Club Secretary         JOJO MARTIN C M