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At Bhavans Abu Dhabi we strive for musical excellence and encourage all students to develop their full musical potential. Whether a student is a complete beginner or an advanced player, we offer many opportunities for students to participate in learning and creating music with one another. Band students are given many opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year at concerts, and in the upper school, at band festivals.

The Private International School’s Music Department is dedicated to providing an outstanding musical experience, a comprehensive academic program, and a leadership curriculum for all students.  The Department reflects the cultural diversity of our community, brought together in a joyful, caring, and supportive environment.

The band members are now taking the rehearsals to go for international level competitions & music festivals.

In the month of April 2013, the members are going for a two day musical workshop -“Am I Singing Right”-in Abudhabi.

The goal of the music department is to allow students to take their classroom and after-school musical experiences and present them to a larger audience while also learning to enjoy music for enjoyment’s sake.

The music Department produced a video album by the Bhavans band and presented in front of a large number of audiences and got excellent appreciation.

The band was inaugurated by Principal Mrs.Girija Baiju during the annual day function.