On 26th April 2012, PIES Abu Dhabi witnessed the inauguration of the Mathematics club “THE MATRIX” by our   honorable director,

Mr. Sooraj Ramachandran Menon.


Mathematics is the never-ending story of the tapestry of what is. Mathematics can be whimsical or cruel. Forward or shy. Loud or quiet. At the Math Club, we like that. We are dedicated to making mathematics accessible and fun to all students. Math club is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math. Students will not only learn new material, but will apply their previous knowledge from school to fun and challenging problems. Furthermore, they will learn to view math not as a set of rules or guidelines, but as an art. Math is a subject full of creativity and opportunity that many students enjoy. Besides the academic benefits, math club is also a great way to meet new people and develop teamwork skills. It is an organization of students interested in promoting mathematics on the campus. It is a student-initiated and teacher-supported academic group dedicated to serving the needs and interests of all students interested in mathematics. Also it is a place where students who enjoy mathematics can get together and talk mathematics. It aims at providing a venue for students to explore areas of mathematics outside classrooms, enhances inter-student communication and co-operation, and prepares students for various maths competitions. The main theme of the Math Club is to have fun, to learn a lot of math. The main benefit of The Math Club is the learning experience and supportive environment provided to the student. The main focus is placed on incremental progress and the building of a strong foundation in the students’ academic career. The basic objective is helping the math student to begin the process of how to think critically. AIM This club aims to strengthen academic interest in the field of Math, encourage student responsibility, co-ordinate high school participation in interschool affairs with regards to the Math area. OBJECTIVES :
  • Create an easy to learn concept of mathematics.
  • Develop techniques for critical thinking.
  • Influence students to like math and explore their hidden potentials in math.
  • Find path to introduce math in creative and innovative ways.
  • Encourage the study and appreciation of mathematics.
  • Help students with difficulties in math.
  • Explore student’s potential as being mathematicians.
  • Promote Exceptional Work Habits and Behaviors.
  • Create a supportive learning environment for mathematics.
  • Develop and teach mathematical skills to increase students’ enjoyment in learning and using mathematics.
  •  Raise students’ appreciation of the diversity of mathematics and its applications.
  • To introduce Mathematics Problems of general interest and conducting Mathematical Games Sessions.
  • To help students learn mathematics outside the curriculum.
  • To promote the interaction between students and faculty.
  • To motivate students to do research in mathematics.
  • To provide students a venue to present their ideas developed as a part of reading general mathematics.
  • To conduct quiz competitions on mathematics.
  • Mathematics is an important part of everybody’s life. All individuals require basic mathematical knowledge and skills in their daily lives. Mathematics educators have a responsibility to instill these basics into all students.
  • For those with average or below average mathematical aptitude, the proper motivation and encouragement is required to achieve the basic levels required in life. For those with natural mathematical ability, stimulation and challenges will drive them to pursue higher levels of mathematical knowledge and skills that will be needed by their future endeavors.
  • “MATRIX” Club believes that everyone can enjoy and appreciate mathematics. Enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics are required to provide the motivation and stimulation needed any individual to pursue mathematics education to the highest level that he or she can achieve.
OUR VISION “THE MATRIX” Club seeks to raise the level of mathematics knowledge and skills of all children. To accomplish this goal, MATRIX Club provides services to:
  1. stimulate students’ interest and appreciation of mathematics.
  2. effectively teach basic mathematical concepts and skills.
Through innovative lessons designed around non-traditional mathematical topics,” MATRIX” Club enhances mathematics education in the classroom and motivates students to pursue their mathematics education to the highest limits of their natural abilities.[/fusion_text]