The teaching timetable follows normal schools terms and operates during the day.

Absent/ sick/ lateness to school:

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  1.  Call Receptionist at 02 5591777 if your child will be absent or late. Alternatively, you can also call the Class Teacher.
  2. Remember that school starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. are recorded as late. Please know that morning assembly time is a time  when the day’s activities and plans are organized. Students who are late miss important information. Please make every effort to get students here on time.
  3. Unless sick, students are expected to be in school every school day. Projects, plans and work are designed based on the assumption that students will be present on all days the school is in session. Parents are therefore advised to refer to the school calendar and plan trips during school vacations. Missed classroom experiences cannot be “made up” by extra homework. Teachers will provide appropriate homework when a student has been absent from school due to illness or in rare circumstances connected with parental work location. Parents planning to have their student miss school for any reason other than illness should notify the Principal and the classroom teacher in writing one month in advance of the planned absence.
Morning Assembly – Every month a house is on duty. Members of the house conduct the prayer song, give news updates, present a thought for the day, talk on diverse topics on educative and interesting for the students. The talented singers and musicians are also given a chance to display their talent on this platform. Special programs are organized during the morning assembly to celebrate the various festivals and achievements of the student achievers in any discipline. Commendations during assembly are an ongoing feature throughout the year. School Magazine “BHAAVNA” – The School Magazine is published once a year. Students are encouraged to write articles, reports, stories and poems for the magazine. The designing of the cover page and illustrations for the magazine is also done entirely by the students. There is an Editorial Board assisted by a team of staff members to obtain the best results.

Career Counseling & Personality development Programme

We are quite aware of our responsibilities related to the education in the 21st century. Our aim is the ‘Total Personality Development’ of our students. As we grow and start admission of students in the higher classes, we will endeavor to provide career counseling programme and professionals training facilities for various professional courses to our students. A career counseling and guidance programme for students will be conducted every year so that our students choose a right career for themselves. Summer schools and special events are arranged to suit the needs of pupils and as per approval from Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi. Pupils are introduced to the great exponents of Indian culture by encouraging visiting performers and scholars to offer classes. PIES is developing continuously. Our students, our parents are our partners in the process.

Learning with Love and Laughter

We take care of children who have completed 3 years and 9 months  as on 15 March. We feel the young boys and girls in our hands have to receive “Complete Education” which will lead them to be the best sons and daughters of the parents as well as the Universe. The school timings will be spread over from 8.00 am till 3.30 pm and on Thursdays from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm for Primary Classes. The extended school time is to help the students in completing all home works within the school under the supervision of our dedicated team of teaching staff. As a rule of PIES, the students are not permitted to take home any textbooks. Weekends and long holidays are exceptions to this rule. For Kindergarten, the school timing will be from 8.00 am to 12.30 pm. PIES will be working towards eliminating the dependency on private tuition among the students. Students will be given all required help in the classes to be the best performers in their studies. Learning in PIES will be with love and laughter. Creating confidence among the children is one of the main targets of PIES. The key is confidence. As a parent, you want the best for your child. You envision him/her leading a happy, successful life—thriving in and out of the classroom. PIES builds confidence through tutoring
  • PIES does more than just help your child with tutoring—we help your child be more confident in every way. When your child is confident and self-assured, it’s written on his/her face and you see it in all that they do. When he/she knows he/she has what it takes, he/she does better in school and in everywhere else.
  • PIES provides confidence that goes beyond the classroom that lasts for a lifetime.
  • PIES works with each child individually, so your child receives the specific help he or she needs.
  • PIES teachers are highly trained and certified and they love tutoring and teaching. Our teachers patiently teach every skill to ensure your child has true understanding and retention. Besides imparting learning skills, PIES believes education to be the most important instrument for the transmission of culture and values from generation to generation. Inculcation of a sense of reverence in the young generation for their culture and also a desire successfully to discharge their responsibilities towards their family, society, country and above all towards humanity in general has been the avowed aim of PIES. We believe in creating not only a successful social being but also a fully cultured complete individual.
  • PIES keep’s you updated on your child’s progress with written progress reports and regularly scheduled conferences every step of the way.
  • Every child entering PIES will have a mantra “AS I ENTER THESE DOORS I AM PREPARED TO LEARN AND GROW”. PIES partners with you to make this happen
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Extra curricular activities

  • A wide range of after school clubs and activities are planned for students at all levels.
  • Dance, music, debating…, all these are with PIES for children to choose from.
  • We will have regular sessions from visiting performers and scholars from India to give the child a better vision of INDIA, her culture and heritage.

Co-curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities, which are the hallmark of the public schools, will keep PIES buzzing with excitement as the students are given enough opportunities to learn and take part in various cultural and literary activities in the school. We encourage our students to participate in various co-curricular, social and cultural activities, a necessary ingredient in character building and preparing students to willingly accept the responsibilities for one’s own life and self respect. The school’s avowed aim of developing the holistic personality in the background of Indian culture and tradition further gets an impetus by these will thought of gala celebrations.


As a creative digression during the leisure hour and to foster co-scholastic abilities, creativity, independent thinking and other skills among the students, our school has provision for a range of hobby centers which will be at par with the best of the professional standards.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to respect teachers, visitors and each other. School premises and property belongs to each student of the school and should be well taken care of. Adults will be supervising the children at all times. Fighting and physical abuse by students are not tolerated. We need to ensure PIES is a happy, purposeful and supportive school community.

Parent’s support

  • All parents should attend the parent/teacher meeting.
  • Discuss with teachers and/or management team all aspects of your child’s progress and/or weakness.
  • Encourage children to read library books, newspapers, magazines etc.
  • Communicate with your child every day at least 30 minutes. Let the child speak to you all what happened in the school every day. Be a patient listener.

Emergency number and contact changes:

Inform office promptly of changes in emergency numbers, cell phone numbers, and other changes.

Change of Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address:

Please go into the school portal and make the changes and then immediately notify the School office of those changes.