My School and My Reflection

“I was a new student at Bhavans Abu Dhabi in 11th grade. I was undoubtedly worried more than ever; new school, new teachers, new friends. But my first day at the school made me so comfortable and was beginning to ‘feel at home’. The zestful teachers made me warm to them at once. Yes, I knew I did make the best choice in choosing the school. Despite my repeated queries and unending questions, I was never scolded by my teachers for those, instead was answered them with a smile. My classmates too, accepted me immediately without treating me differently. I can confidently say that Bhavans is my second home. Though classes go online and I cannot see anybody personally, I enter a new world of learning, fun, enjoyment and enthusiasm during school hours”.


“Private International English School is a school of extra ordinary caliber. They are driven with a success oriented spirit for guiding the students of the school. It is one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have been a student in this school for more than a decade and I have experienced its benefits time and time again in all aspects of my life.

The school conducts various programs and activities involving the diverse cultures of all students. This school plays a keen role in not only studies but also extra-curricular activities such as physical education, art, dance, music, aerobics, etc. It has been my pleasure to be a part of such a school imbibing immense knowledge and skill in all of the students. It has inculcated integral values in all aspects of education which has helped in the buildup of my character.

The teachers and other staff members show nothing less than excellence in doing their work. The teachers are the real motivation for all the students, including me, to get through school without uncalled upon hurdles. The school instills the best traits in children and overcomes the obstacles that come their way. It was once said, “A teacher is your second mother and schools are your second home”. This holds true for the school. The rapport between the teachers and children is based upon trust and understanding. John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”.


“Bhavans! To begin with I wouldn’t say Bhavans is just my school, it’s my second home. I have been in Bhavans for 11 years now and it has shaped me up to become a better person. The teachers and the environment have made me grow and evolve as a person. It’s an open space for all our blunders, where we have our teachers with us at every step to correct us and guide us. I have been a part of the school kho kho and football team and the way our teachers support us is incredible! I am honoured to be a part of Bhavans”



“As a Bhavanite studying in Bhavans for 4 years , I would like to say that teachers in Bhavans are friendly and approachable as they are always ready to help students out .The activities which are conducted by the teachers are fun as you enjoy doing them.  Such as group projects which includes movie making , cooking and much more and individual activities such as poem writing and collage making and much more . I was never fond of sports but in 9th grade I joined two sports teams that are basketball and throwball teams. It was all possible because teachers always ask students to take initiative for learning new skills”.


Getting into Bhavans school was a dream come true for me. I am Amogh Rajesh Kaushik studying in Grade 7 F section. Today I would like to share with you my journey in in Bhavans .

I still remember the day, I visited the school with my parents for enquiry of seats available in the school in the year 2014. The moment I entered, I happened to see an interactive  session of Abudhabi traffic police guiding kids regarding traffic. I was surprised by the way the kids were answering all the questions. To be frank, the first question which came to my mind was will I be able to be  a part of this school and will I be able to sustain and grow?

And days passed and it was my interview day at Bhavans. I was guided to go to the first floor. I still remember it was Mrs. Geeta Pillai ma’am who took my interview. I could see tension in my mother’s eye and her fingers crossed for me to get through the interview, though my father did not show it off.

After few days, we received a mail saying that I was selected. That was no big joy than winning an Oscar.

First day of my school, I passed through Wall of Fame and noticed many talents with the details, I just thought I should see my photo also in that  one day.

Then on my journey started in Bhavans In the year 2013. I attended Asia’s  singing super star contest, I reached the last round of selection but could not go further. I still remember the day when  Principal ma’am called me inside and enquired about my participation in the Contest and also requested our music teachers to guide me on the same. This made me learn my first lesson, that Bhavans school encourages hidden talent.

In same year of Gr.1,  it was my first international win in IMO scoring the highest mark in mathematics. All the kids were honored for their ranking, which was the second lesson I learnt that Bhavans highlight the hard work.

The years passed me competing in  Bhavan’s Fest , facing competitive exams like NSO, IMO, NCO, IIO,IBT,Asset exams securing good marks winning trophies and medals.  I could see myself improving day by day with coaching and guidance of teachers and my parents . This made me learn that teachers were the backbone for our success.

It was Gr. 3 the day finally arrived, when I saw my name in the wall of fame along with my brother Arnav which was a dream come true for us participating in ISC and had won many prizes by the blessing of my parents and teachers.

I simply cannot forget the day in Gr.5 I had contested for the post of Junior Head boy in the school election after the process of selection I was one of the nominated candidates for contesting for election.

The school allowed us for campaigning in the class and that’s where I learnt the art of convincing students for votes. It was day when the results of the elections were announced and my name was declared as Junior Head Boy, which made me emotional and also too happy for the opportunity given to represent junior students and lead them, this was possible as school nurtured my leadership quality.

I had not prepared any thank giving speech, but all of sudden when I had to deliver thanks giving speech, I promised that I would pay back to school and which is still pending from my side but I am sure that I will make my school proud. Here I can say school made me to be confident and independent.

I also like the merit evenings of our school which encourages the talent hidden behind and also showcase the hard work behind the talent, be it giving Bhavans Fest Awards, Sports Award, Other Activities Award and Proficiency Award.

I would like to highlight here that our school is the only school where in we need not take permission or appointment to meet Principal ma’am or Vice Principal Sir. A mail dropped to them will be answered within minutes and the needful is done.

I would like to really thank my teachers for all their support be it from KG Teachers to 12th  grade teachers. They are continuously available for us. Though school has given us time for the teachers to be contacted, but in case, if it is missed also, they do support a lot and I have experienced many times from my dear dearest teachers and I seriously owe them.

During times of exams, I call my teachers for support, even though in their busy tiring day, I always get a positive response clarifying my doubts with same enthusiasm, same as they teach in class.

And it was hard time of pandemic which has ruined many students career as they are deprived of school and coaching. But I am very thankful to my School as it did not hamper our studies and made sure that nothing is missed.

We used laptops for browsing information and playing and today it has become our virtual classroom, all teachers and we got adapted to a dynamic change of this phase of life. But with all these changes our school did not see any shift, we all had same class room environment with PE and Yoga class going on to maintain our physical health along with regular class, last but not the least all the programs of Bhavan fest, merit evening and sports day, pandemic was not reason for our school to stop any of these activities. Thanks to efforts of all teaching and non-teaching staff we had virtual Bhavans fest and Merit evening.

If I have to leave Abudhabi, the only thing I miss the most is My school, Principal ma’am, Vice Principal sir, all my dear dearest teachers and administrative staff too.

This is my Bhavans experience till now and is going on.

Thank you