Proud parents and prodigious children

Education is the responsibility and accountability of the society to the posterity. The world – the invigorating flora and fauna, the multifarious languages, the cultures, the traditions, the heritages in its pristine priority should be handed over to stronger, safer, and disciplined hands, more creative and innovative minds, and empathetic and enthused hearts. What else if not education can serve this purpose!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Therefore, generating the unquenchable thirst for learning is the panacea to make our children proactive and promising. 

Parents play the prime role in this. Foundational and preparatory stage itself should expose children to an enthusing environment.

Every child has the potential to grow. The environment matters. A supporting and motivating environment at home is deemed to be the birthright of the child. However busy, the parents are, there should be quality time for them to spend with their child reviewing, rewinding, and reinforcing the experiences the child is exposed to at school on regular basis. In every interaction between the child and the parent, there should be tinges of values like, respect, modesty, camaraderie, discipline, honesty, punctuality, inquisitiveness etc. No one in the world made anything remarkable through disorder and indiscipline.

The role the school and the schooling plays in shaping up the life of a child is second to none. The ambience at school should be appealing and engaging. It is here teaching becomes a noble profession. The passionate team of teachers, the integration of pedagogical innovations, the application of technology, the expansive usage of the labs and the library, mutual trust and understanding between the teacher and the taught, rigorous practice, continuous and comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic feedback and follow up will make learning more research based and learner friendly.

The emotional and cultural proximity between the parent community and the school is the catalyst in this process. A parent who has no trust in what the school does cannot expect his/her child to be enthusiastic about learning. Therefore, the communication between the school and the parent should be enriching with transparency, intermittence, and purpose.

My guiding spirit is my conviction about and commitment to the coming generation. The world of tomorrow is quite promising and at the same time demanding. So, preparing the student generation for that is quite challenging. Rome was not built in a day. I am because of you. Let’e work together and make Bhavans the haven of learning.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Suresh V Balakrishnan