Transport services for Students of Private International English School are offered by Dynamic General Transport, an approved Transport Operator – approved by the Department of Transport. To facilitate coordination between the Transport Operator and Parents opting for Transport, the school facilitates only in collecting Transport Forms (New registration as well as Change of Location) and Transport Fees. An operations executive of the Transport Vendor is always available at the school and parents can meet the executive during the school day.

Terms and conditions for availing School Transport.

    • School bus transport is provided by M/s Dynamic General Transport in accordance with the ADEK and DOT guidelines, hereby referred to as Transport Company.
    • All drivers of Dynamic General Transport are fully trained, holding a DOT-issued school bus driving license, and they participate in our ongoing customer care and drivers’ training courses.
    •  The buses are installed with a Video Surveillance System. All bus conductors are provided with a mobile phone. The mobile number is available at the transport desk.
    • Usage of services provided by the school-recommended Transport Operator is optional, but the usage of other private transport services is strictly prohibited for safety and security reasons. Parents not opting for the recommended Transporter, should personally pick and drop their children.
    • It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure that their child/children is/are at the pick-up point at the designated time. Buses will not leave from pick-up points ahead of schedule. However, buses will not be able to wait at pick-up points after the scheduled time. Due to traffic delays buses may arrive at pick-up and drop-off points behind schedule.
    • Parents are required to inform the drivers/ Operations Executive if a student is absent on a particular day. If a student does not want to use the return trip on any day the parent should hand in a written communication or send an e-mail to the Operations Executive.
    • For safety reasons, eating and drinking juice/tea/coffee etc in the bus will not be permitted. However, drinking water is allowed.
    •  Dynamic General Transport reserves the right to decline the provision of service allocation of bus facility based on the availability of a seat in the bus plying in the area.
    • Transport fees are to be paid for the full term at the beginning of each term at the school office and are non-refundable. Transportation facilities once availed can be cancelled only at the end of a term. If canceled in between, the full-term fees must be paid. A receipt will be issued for the payment made. The school will not be responsible for any payments made to the transport company/staff.
    • The bus routes are identified and fixed considering the best interest of all students and cannot be changed. Those parents who are willing to accept the routes finalized by the transporter only need to opt for school transport.
    • Students should be ready at their respective pickup points 5 minutes before the pickup time allotted by the school. The bus will not wait for more than one minute in front of a student’s location.
    • The traveling time of the bus is fixed as per the ADEK/DOT guidelines. Those parents who are willing to accept the total travel time of one hour irrespective of their locations only need to opt for the school transport.
    • Children should always wear seatbelts, should not stand on the seats, or walk when the bus is in motion. Students should refrain from shouting and making annoying noises, should maintain the cleanliness of the bus and its furniture, should not tamper with the contents, and must respect the bus driver and conductor.
    • The bus rules also prevent the students from talking to the driver, and they must not take their hands or heads out of the bus’s windows. If a student damages or vandalises the bus, they will be prevented from using it for a period of one to three days, and the parent/guardian will be held responsible for the damages.
    • The school reserves the right to ban a student from using the school transport service if the student repeatedly violates the safety regulations or endangers himself/herself or others while on the bus; if he/she continues to misbehave, create a nuisance, or participate in any inappropriate or aggressive behaviour toward other students.
    • Requests for change in the pick-up and drop-off timings will not be considered once the transport service is agreed upon. A minimum of one week notification is required for a location change. During address change, the parent must submit the new form, undertaking, and tenancy contract to make necessary changes in the tracking system.
    • Children of Grade 5 and below will not be left at the drop-off point unless the designated adult is present to collect them or unless confirmed otherwise. The child shall be brought back to school, and it will be the responsibility of the parent to come and collect the child from school.
    • The parent/guardian is restricted from entering the school bus for any reason, and in case they want to raise a complaint against the driver or supervisor, they must contact the school administration.
    • In case a parent picks up the child from school, the bus driver and supervisor must be informed.
    • All Dynamic General Transport vehicles, drivers, and passengers are insured. In case of any claim due to the accident, the company’s liability is limited to the comprehensive compensation paid by the insurance company, as per the terms of the insurance policy.
    • Dynamic General Transport may use the e-mail ID/ mobile number of the parents for conveying messages/ sending newsletters/ circulars.
    • Secondary and Senior Secondary students are expected to board the school bus promptly while departing school. The school bus will not wait for these students in the event that they are late due to their own reasons.
    • Parents who agree to the above-mentioned points can opt for school transport.Transport Services are presently offered only in Abu Dhabi City, Mussaffah, and Mohammad Bin Zayed City. Parents living in any other place requiring transport or moving to any other place not mentioned herein and requiring transport will need to check with the school office if they wish to continue with the School Transport. Transport services for children from other areas cannot assumed to be confirmed by parents unless the location is Abu Dhabi City, Mussaffah, and Mohd Bin Zayed City.

    For any query, kindly contact Mr. Prasanth (School Administration Manager) at +971 56 7033 925.


    For transport queries, contact:

    • Mr. Rahman  :  Transport  Manager    +971 506722041

    e-mail :